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NEW! The EyePrintPRO™ is a prosthetic scleral cover shell which improves vision by creating a new, smooth, refractive surface for the eye. Unlike contact lenses, the EyePrintPRO™ is not constrained to typical fabrication and therefore can match the exact contour of any eye – even in the most difficult conditions where other options have failed.


The many options available for eyeglasses today can be overwhelming. This guide will help you select lenses and frames that best fit you, your vision needs and your lifestyle.


Our Patients are the lifeblood of our practice. We treat each and every one of them with the highest care, professionalism and respect they deserve. Please check out their Testimonials and see for yourself.

Corneal Shaping - Orthokeratology - Ortho-k


Wave Corneal Molding is the use of specially designed retainer contact lenses to gently reshape the front surface of the eye (called the cornea) to eliminate or reduce nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism. The principle is similar to the use of a dental retainer used by an orthodontist to realign teeth.

Vision Rehabilitation

At Georgia Eye Center we aid patients who have had poor outcomes from refractive surgery. if you suffer from; Dry Eye Blurred vision Ghosting glare, starburst, and arcing…


We provide diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases which affect the human eye and visual system.  Some examples include:

eye disease detection

Services Provided

Following are the services provided by Georgia By Center:

Comprehensive Eye Examinations, Wave Corneal Molding – Orthokeratology, Vision Rehabilitation, Contact Lenses, Spectacle Frame Services,Lens Services, Pediatric Vision Care, Eye Diseases

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Contact Lenses

We fit soft, gas permeable and customized contact lesnses for even the most complicated eyes.


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Kyle Jones, O.D
Kyle Jones, O.D


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