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Keratoconus can be a frightening diagnosis. As the cornea weakens and thins over time, the vision can become increasingly distorted, even to the point of blindness in severe cases. In the Atlanta area where there are many options for eye care, it’s important to find a keratoconus specialist  Atlanta who is experienced with this particular condition.

At Georgia Eye Center, the Specialty Contact Lens Center of the South, we pride ourselves on providing the latest treatments and technologies to help manage the progression of the disease and preserve the patient’s vision. With the right care, it’s possible to live a full and active life despite the challenges that come with keratoconus.

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Treatment Options

Keratoconus, a condition characterized by the abnormal shape of the cornea, can lead to nearsightedness, also known as myopia, affecting visual acuity. This irregularity alters the eye’s curvature, causing light to focus in front of the retina rather than on the macula, resulting in decreased vision. Additionally, patients may encounter challenges such as difficulties with night driving or sensitivity to bright lights, often experiencing a halo effect due to keratoconus.

Managing keratoconus involves various approaches, including special contact lenses, glasses, or surgical interventions like corneal cross-linking, tailored to the severity of the condition. Early detection and treatment are crucial for mitigating vision loss, underscoring the importance of regular eye examinations for timely diagnosis and intervention.

In advanced cases, patients may necessitate a corneal transplant to enhance visual acuity and alleviate keratoconus symptoms. Corneal transplants offer a significant improvement in vision and serve to safeguard the eye from further deterioration. For individuals in Atlanta seeking specialized care, consulting with a keratoconus specialist Atlanta can provide tailored treatment options and comprehensive management strategies suited to their needs.

Keratoconus Symptoms

Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that can lead to vision problems if left untreated. It’s important to be aware of symptoms so that it can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. For those in Atlanta, seeking the expertise of a keratoconus specialist, such as a keratoconus specialist Atlanta, can make all the difference in managing this condition effectively.

Blurred vision

This is the most common symptom of keratoconus and results from the irregular shape of the cornea. If you’re experiencing vision issues, it’s crucial to consult with a keratoconus specialist Atlanta for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Streaking or glare when looking at lights

Glare, streaks, halos, and starbursts are caused by light scattering off the uneven surface of the cornea. For individuals with keratoconus, a condition characterized by the progressive thinning and bulging of the cornea, these visual disturbances can be particularly pronounced. Seeking guidance from a keratoconus specialist Atlanta is essential for effectively managing these symptoms and preserving visual clarity.


Asymmetrical steepening of the cornea can lead to astigmatism. If left untreated, this condition can significantly impact vision quality and overall eye health. Seeking guidance from a keratoconus specialist Atlanta is essential for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment options tailored to individual needs.

Sensitivity to bright lights or "photophobia"

The distorted shape of the cornea can also cause increased sensitivity to light, a symptom often experienced by individuals with keratoconus. Seeking guidance from a keratoconus specialist Atlanta can provide tailored treatment options to alleviate discomfort and improve vision quality.

Eye irritation and inflammation

Irritation, redness, and excessive tearing may be experienced due to keratoconus, a condition that affects the shape of the cornea. Seeking guidance from a keratoconus specialist Atlanta is crucial for managing symptoms and preserving vision.

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Our Keratoconus Specialist

Dr. Kyle Jones


Dr. Kyle Jones is a graduate of the New England College of Optometry. He is an Atlanta keratoconus specialist, a member of the Orthokeratology Academy of America, and an expert in irregular corneas and poor outcomes from refractive surgery.

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